Aronelie Dream Villa

Owners: Mr Dean Russell & Mrs Tracy Russell

All bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Please ensure you read and understand the following terms and conditions pertinent to your accommodation rental. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us (hereafter called the owner) for clarification before you (hereafter called lead guest / guest) sign the contract.

The owner reserves the right to increase or decrease the rental price of the villa at any time until the booking becomes confirmed. The owner will confirm to the guest the current price at the time of the booking. As soon as the booking is valid and confirmed the cost of the villa rental is guaranteed against any further increase. This guarantee is offered subject to these terms and conditions; including timely receipt of the final payment and subject to there being no amendments by the guest to their vacation arrangements.

Booking Aronelie Dream Villa

The lead guest must be 25 years of age or above. Sorry we do not accept groups / parties of the same sex unless written consent has been given by the owner.

Bookings can only be confirmed once the owner has received the guests booking form, signed terms & conditions plus booking deposit.

A booking deposit of £100 / $150 per week is required with the booking form. The booking will be confirmed to the guest in writing within 7 days of receipt of signed documents and booking deposit. Once the booking is confirmed, the deposit is none refundable and will be deducted from the guests outstanding balance.

Only those guests identified on the booking form are authorised to use the property.

Final Payment


Approximately 12 weeks prior to departure, an invoice will be sent indicating the outstanding balance due including the £150 / $250 security deposit as stated below and any optional extras as indicated on the booking form e.g. pool heating.

Late bookings taken within 10 weeks of your departure must be paid in full including the £150 / $250 security deposit as stated below.

The address and security key box number for accessing the property will not be released until the balance and security deposit has been paid in full.

If payment is not received prior to 10 weeks of departure date, the owner reserves the rights to cancel the booking and the deposit will be lost.


In the event of cancellation, the following charges will normally apply:

Above 10 weeks prior to departure = Booking deposit

10 weeks or less prior to departure= 100% of rental charge

All cancellations must be made in writing. The owner will make every attempt to assist in altering dates to suit if at all possible.

Security Deposit

A £150 / $250 security deposit must be paid 10 weeks prior to the guests departure date.
The security deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks of the guests return date minus any costs for damages, breakages, lost keys etc caused during the period of hire and in accordance to the property manager's report.

The guests are solely responsible for any damage or breakages beyond "wear and tear" that may be caused to the property and/or to its contents and also for any loss of items in the inventory during their stay.
The lead guest should inspect the villa and report any known damages to the Management Company within 24 hours of their arrival.
Thereafter any damage or deficiency found will be attributable to the lead guest and their party.
Examples of such damage might include, but are not limited to broken windows or blinds, torn pool screens, burn marks on counters, marks on furniture, appliance problems, major stains, etc.

Charges for damages, losses or any maintenance or repairs to the premises, equipment, amenities or fixtures, or any cleaning services over and above those normally required to prepare the villa for the next guest which are necessitated by misuse or extraordinary uncleanliness, will be at the discretion of the Management Company and will be deducted from the security deposit.

The guest is responsible for the property key which must be kept safe in the security lock box. If the key is found to be missing on the guests departure, the cost of changing the locks will be deducted from the security deposit.

In the event that any damage or loss is assessed to be in excess of the security deposit collected, the lead guest will be held responsible for full reimbursement of the outstanding amount and agrees to pay said amount within 14 days of written notification of such by the owners.


Smoking is NOT permitted in the villa at any time, should the Management Company report signs of smoking inside the property a charge of £90 / $150 for a deep clean will be deducted from the guests security deposit


No animals are allowed on the premises without written consent from the owner, should the Management Company report signs of any pets on the property a charge of £90 / $150 for a deep clean will be deducted from the guests security deposit

Holiday Insurance

All guests MUST have adequate Holiday Insurance. Neither the owners of the property, the Management Company nor their agents will be liable for loss or damage arising in connection with any matter outside of their reasonable control.

Limitation of Liability

Although every effort is made to ensure that Aronelie Dream Villa is in superior condition, neither the owners, the Management Company, nor their agents, shall be held responsible for any third party claims, injury, accidents, damage to or loss of property, or for any expenses incurred for any reason, including changes caused by Force Majeure (strikes, flight delays, adverse weather conditions, war, civil and military disorder, riots, natural calamities etc), regardless of how they may have occurred. Guests are specifically reminded to supervise children in and around the pool area and to exercise due care and caution at all times.

The owners, the Management Company and their agents reserve the right of entry the property at any reasonable time during the guests stay. (This includes such workers as pool maintenance, gardeners etc)

Using the Pool

Guests using the pool do so entirely at their own risk. All guests using the pool must read and abide by the pool safety rules which are displayed on the villa wall in the pool area.

The pool is cleaned and chemically balanced every week for the safety and comfort of pool users. On rare occasions it may be necessary to apply extra chemicals to the pool to maintain a safe and correct chemical balance. If this situation should arise during the guests stay it may be necessary for all people to be out of the pool for a period of 12-24 hours for safety reasons. Guests must follow all additional instructions given by the owner, the owners management company or their appointed pool technician.

Children using the pool and deck area must be supervised at all times.

Pool Heating

Pool heating has been requested it will be switched-on on the day ordered and may take some time to reach optimum temperature, depending on the ambient air temperature, weather conditions and use of the heat retaining thermal blanket.

The thermal blankets must be used when the pools not in use as the pool heater may not function correctly. The thermal blankets must be used overnight to prevent heat loss from the pool when the air temperature drops.

The pool heater is a mechanical device and as with any mechanical device it may be subject to electrical or mechanical failure. In the unlikely event of a breakdown every attempt will be made to repair the pool heater as quickly as possible. The owner shall only refund costs equivalent to those days on which the pool heating is unavailable.

Only a technician authorised by the owner or Management Company is allowed to switch the heater on/off. The guest must not tamper with, interfere with, or attempt to change any of the pool heater settings. Any attempt by the guest to change the pool heater settings will render the booking void, all monies paid will be forfeited and all occupants will be asked to leave the villa immediately with no further compensation.

Use Of BBQ

The owner offers free use of a George Foreman electric BBQ though it is the guests responsibility to make sure this has been cleaned before leaving the villa. Guests who leave the BBQ unclean will incur a £25 / $50 cleaning charge which will be deducted from the guests security deposit.

Phone Calls

The owner offers FREE unlimited local calls and up to 1 hour per week International or long distance calls. This is offered in good faith for contacting relatives and loved ones back home and the owner does not expect it to be abused. The owner is able to monitor all call durations remotely, should any guests abuse this free service a minimum of £20 / $34 will be deducted from the guests security deposit.

Internet Access

The owners will use their best endeavours to ensure that the Internet service is available for use, but cannot be held responsible for any failures, or non-availability of communication lines or hardware faults.


In the unlikely event that the guest should have a problem with Aronelie Dream Villa or its facilities, please bring this to the attention of the Management Company immediately so they can investigate and attempt to resolve the issue locally. If the guests are still dissatisfied with the outcome, please call the owner direct using the free phone facility and we will endeavour to try and resolve the matter. Otherwise please put your complaint in writing to the owners within 7 days of your return home.

Arrival / Departure Times

Rentals run from 4.00pm on the first day of the booking until 10.00am on the last day of the booking, unless otherwise arranged and confirmed in writing prior to departure and duly agreed by the owners.

Code of Conduct

Southern Dunes is a residential community. The actions of all guests should not interfere with the enjoyment of either other vacationers or the residents of Southern Dunes. The owner asks all guests to be considerate to their neighbours and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00am. In the event that any guest behaves in a way that is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any other vacationers, residents of Southern Dunes or damage to any property, the owners or their Management Company reserve the right to terminate the parties rental agreement immediately and forthwith. The owners or their management company will not be liable for any costs the party will incur, nor shall we pay any compensation, nor make any refunds due to this action.

Pest Control

Florida has a tropical climate which includes insects and other pests. The villa is regularly inspected and professionally treated against pests but we cannot guarantee none may appear inside the villa. If any pests are discovered the guest should contact the Management Company immediately so all pests can be dealt with professionally. To prevent pests getting into the villa the guest must keep all doors including the garage door and patio doors to the pool area closed at all times.


This contract is subject to and shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.